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Graphic Designer
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What's Up!

It's great to meet you! Wrote a little something about myself down below so we can start our relationship on the right foot! 

All About Me

My name is Matthew Boone, but you can call me Matt! I'm the owner and founder of MG Studios LLC. I first started this brand / company as a streamer on twitch with some success, but decided I designing / creating digital advertising and interfaces was my passion. The marketing came naturally to me his the scientific method on strategic marketing; some campaigns failed, most succeeded. But the more important projects were the ones I failed in. Through that failure, I knew how I could advocate to different business how where and how they can reach a level of success they were better the day before. 

I've served as the communications marketing manager at the Hampton Roads Chamber, Marketing and Communications Specialist for XYLO Inc. and Wireless Masters, and other positions with different companies. If you would love to review my resume, click below!





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