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Graphic Designer
Matt Boone


It's great to meet you! My name is Matt Boone, I'm the Founder/CEO of MG Studios LLC. I wrote a little something about myself down below so we can start our relationship on the right foot! 

All About Me

My name is Matthew Boone, but you can call me Matt! I am the owner and founder of MG Studios LLC. Initially, I started this brand/company as a Twitch streamer and achieved some success. However, I discovered my true passion lies in designing and creating digital advertising and interfaces. Marketing comes naturally to me, and I apply the scientific method to strategic marketing. While some campaigns have failed, most have succeeded. Interestingly, the most valuable lessons have come from the projects I didn't succeed in. Through these failures, I have gained the knowledge to guide various businesses towards achieving a higher level of success than they had the day before.

Throughout my career, I have held positions such as Communications Marketing Manager at the Hampton Roads Chamber, Marketing and Communications Specialist for XYLO Inc. and Wireless Masters, and various other roles with different companies. If you are interested in reviewing my resume, please click the link below!





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